Who needs an Estate Sale or Auction?
Any one downsizing, relocating, moving, or charged with the daunting task of liquidating a loved ones household or collection.

How can Blueberry Hill Galleries help?
Blueberry Hill Galleries offers years of experience liquidating the contents of estates. We are experienced in the sale of antiques and collectibles, vintage clothing and textiles, artwork, jewelry, tools, household merchandise, and more.

Where do you conduct your sales?
If we are conducting an Auction we typically take your properties to a local venue for exhibition and sale. If we are conducting an Estate Sale we do this at your location and invite buyers to walk through your home, garage and basement to make their purchases. We conduct sales primarily throughout the Hudson Valley but are always willing to travel to new and exciting places!

How does this work?
Blueberry Hill Galleries provides all of the resources needed to sort, organize, display, research, advertise and sell the contents of your home. We work with you to provide an enjoyable, secure and profitable experience for all parties. We bring in tables, display cases and any addtional items needed for set up. We provide exceptional attention to detail.

What should I do prior to calling Blueberry Hill Galleries ?
Do absolutely NOTHING!! Over the years it has been our experience that the first thing sellers want to do is throw things out and clean up before we come in to take a look around. Never, Never, Never!! You would be amazed at what is valuable to someone else! Let us decide what should stay and what should go. This is what we do best!

How far in advance do I need to book an Auction?
Winter, Spring and Fall are our busiest auction months so it's always best to book as soon as you know you will be needing our services.

How far in advance do I need to book an Estate Sale?
Estate Sales are popular year round as they are held indoors. They should be booked as soon as you know you would like to retain our services as our schedule fills up quickly!

What kinds of items do you sell?
Artwork, antiques, collectibles, furniture, jewelry, vintage clothing and textiles, tools, garden equipment and almost any household item. We frequently sell collections. We can also liquidate commercial properties, including office equipment & supplies, furniture, hotel contents, machinery, etc.

What advertising do you do?
Blueberry Hill Galleries utilizes the latest in Internet Advertising, including photos, maps, e-mail and directions which brings in interest from a broader base. We write and place all newspaper advertising and send out e-mail flyers to our e-mailing list. We have a very dedicated following! Additionally, we post highly visible, professionally printed sale signs leading the way to your sale from every major area intersection. Our goal is to bring motivated buyers to your sale -- it's a "win-win situation!"

What happens during and after an Auction?
We have staff members posted throughout the exhibition or preview assisting customers with their questions and providing security for your belongings. During the sale you can sit back and enjoy the auction or you can choose to be in contact with us after the sale has concluded. Our auctioneer sells approximately 80 items per hour and keeps the audience alert, in good humor and on their toes! Our clerk records the auction and our cashier prepares the bills for all of the items sold. We use a worldwide internet bidding agency that makes your consignments accessible to everyone. About 10 days after the sale a check will be mailed out to you for the total amount of the sale minus the commissions.

What if something doesn't sell at Auction?
It is most certainly our goal to sell everything but occassionally some items are passed without being sold. The unsold items are either returned to you or can be donated to the charity of your choice.

What happens to the leftovers after my Estate Sale?
In most cases, not everything gets sold at an Estate Sale. But you'd be surprised at what does!! The items that are left can be boxed and a charitable organization of your choice can pick them up after the sale. That organization will provide you with a tax deductible receipt. It's just that easy!

What is your commission or fee?
For Estate Sales we charge between 35% - 50% commission on the gross sales depending on the size of the sale and quality of the items being offered. We offer a "Broom Sweep" service if your situation requires the home to be completely emptied when we are through with our sale. When dealing with a home that has run into neglect, involves a great deal of clean up or in the case of "hoarding" our commissions are higher. For Auctions we charge between 25%-50% depending on the consignment. We work on a fee-for-services basis for some of our services such as Trash-Outs on foreclosed homes and on a combination basis for others. The fee structure we work out together will be the right one for you and your situation.

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